Cleator Moor Nursery School

Recording & Assessment

Recording And Assessment

Much of the recording and assessment of the child’s progress is carried out while they are doing practical tasks and activities.

Staff collect samples of children’s work, write observations and take photographs of individual children. These are then put into each child’s Learning Journey and Busy Book. These are shared with parents who are also encouraged to comment on their child’s progress, interests and home life. The Learning Journey and Busy Book are given to the child at the end of their time in Nursery.

All parents have the opportunity to speak to staff at any time about their child’s progress. During the child’s second term in School, parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress in detail with the staff. Staff write detailed profiles on all the children just prior to them leaving the Nursery. These are given to parents who are encouraged to comment on their child’s time in Nursery. A copy of each child’s school report is forwarded to the relevant Primary School.

Taken from Ofsted Report 2009:
Highly effective assessment systems are used to plan rich and challenging activities across all areas of learning. Tasks are matched accurately to the needs and abilities of all children. This ensures that they make rapid progress.”