Cleator Moor Nursery School

Nursery Class (3 & 4 Year-Olds)


How The Children Are Organised In Our 3 & 4 Year-olds' Nursery Class

Children who attend Cleator Moor Nursery School attend daily for three hours a day. The morning sessions start at 8:45am and finish at 11:45am. The afternoon sessions run from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. Limited spaces for wrap around care are available, please visit our Extended Care page for more information.

The activities and opportunities are exactly the same whether your child attends morning or afternoon.  They are in the care of fully qualified staff. Within each session, the children are divided up into smaller family type groups.

The Groups are presently:
The Dolphins
The Pandas
The Penguins
The Zebras

The main reasons for the small groups are that :
1. It allows the staff to get to know the children in greater detail and build up a relationship with them and their families.
2. It allows the children to feel more secure in a small group and they are able to relate to that member of staff first and meet a small group of children initially.
3. These smaller groups are formed to allow the children to participate in activities in smaller numbers i.e. gym session, snack time, story time.
4. It allows parents to communicate daily with a member of staff if they wish and, therefore, form a closer partnership between home and school.

The groups are not made up in any specific order (i.e. ability, age, primary school choice), but we do try to balance them, where possible, half boys and half girls. A typical Nursery Class session consists of:

8:45am/ 12:30pm - arrive and self-registration

9:30am/ 1:15pm   - a variety of free choice and adult-led activities including time in the gym and/ or outdoors, phonic groups and snack

10:30am/ 2:15pm - Circle Time

11:00am/ 2:45pm - a variety of free choice and adult-led activities including time in the gym and/ or outdoors, phonic groups and snack

11:30am/ 3:15pm - small group story and talk time

11:40am/ 3:25pm - Goodbye song

11:45am/ 3:30pm - home time

Every child has access to water throughout the session and will be offered milk at snack time. Snack varies each day and every child is offered a range of healthy foods each week, such as a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread/ toast, jam, cheese/ spread, crackers, breadsticks, raisins, wraps, cereal, yoghurt, crumpets and on special occasions and celebrations we may have cakes, hot cross buns, chocolate spread, biscuits or crisps as special treats. 

Uniform is not compulsory, but there is Cleator Moor Nursery School uniform available to buy from the School Office. Polo shirts are available in sky blue, gold and white and are priced at £8. Sweatshirts are £10 and cardigans are £11; they are available in scarlet red, royal blue and emerald green. All uniform is sized 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 5-6 years. All sizes and colours are usually in stock in School throughout the year.

Taken from Ofsted Report 2012:
Children's skills and knowledge in all areas of learning develop equally well both indoors and outdoors because of the wide range of resources and stimulating opportunities that are available.”