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Parental Links

Parental Links

We start the academic year in September with an Open Evening. This gives all parents the chance to see the type of activities their child will be doing during their time in Nursery. It also gives the staff a chance to explain why these activities are made available and the kind of experiences we expect children to get from them.

The parent/carer has the opportunity to speak to the staff on a daily basis.

A monthly newsletter is sent out to keep parents informed of curriculum details, forthcoming events/activities.

During the year we encourage parents to help out in the Nursery. This is a valuable resource and helps us to extend the opportunities on offer each session.

We are very grateful to all parents who are able to support us in their various ways.


Some comments from parents (2016-17):

“T has enjoyed all the wonderful daily activities indoors and outdoors. Plus all the special fun events and days out. She has grown in confidence and knowledge from her time at Nursery.”

“Every measure possible, especially medically.”

“A has enjoyed the gym, computers, bikes and being outside, as well as the sand. Since changing nursery A has come out of his shell.”

“L has enjoyed meeting new friends, making cakes, all the lovely art activities, meeting the Police, Firemen, Lollipop Lady, circle time, story time (everything as L said!)!”

“Meeting new friends, which has benefitted his social development greatly.”

“M has enjoyed making friends, learning new things and has progressed lots since joining nursery.”

“B loves coming to nursery even if he still doesn’t like me leaving him. Nursery has given him more confidence. B loves outdoors so every day he comes out to tell me if he played out.”

“As they are doing now, doors locked after parents leave. Also healthy snack provided.”

“They treat them like their own.”

“The children are always in a secure area. The staff are aware of where they are, what they are doing and are disciplined in such a lovely way. Everything is very natural and homely. The children are so happy and content.”

“Good security, never feel M is unsafe in anyway. I can tell M is cared for and healthy by the way he talks about his teachers.”

“She is greeted warmly every morning. Staff ask about how she is and what she has been up to.”

“I think the nursery has the best standards of cared and protect the children, I’m always handed B at the end of school. B has also enjoyed tasting new healthy snacks.”

“Security – door locked into class. When L hurt herself, she has been comforted by the teachers and accident logged.”

“Yes, very informed. We get to look at their yellow books and go to parents interviews to talk about your child’s progress.”

“We always have good conversations with school staff, who know H very well.”

“We are very impressed with the whole experience of receiving information, parents meetings and updating chats on things they have done through the day/ week.”

“R has made excellent progress in his confidence. His speech and language has also developed. The parental interviews help to keep us up to date. The staff are always approachable for a chat.”

“As we are not always the ones picking up or dropping off due to work, daily chats have helped keep us up to date when we do pick up. Also parental interviews.”

“The books we regularly bring home and chats, if they have said something funny, etc. the school concerts are lovely to watch development.”

“Very friendly and helpful staff always make me and my girls feel welcome, easy to talk to and always make sure the girls are cared for.”

“School invited us to watch plays and things.”

“The friendliness of all the teachers and how they all speak to you and not just your child’s teacher.”

“Staff are always friendly and helpful, even when the nursery is busy, someone always makes the time to talk with you.”

“All staff are very friendly, this makes you feel very welcome. You can go to any teacher, not just your child’s teacher. Great staff!”

“Lovely, friendly, warm, caring, light environment that nurtures, cares and supports every child regardless of need, ability, language. Staff genuinely care and become loco parentis while in nursery.”

“Staff are always friendly and approachable. The classroom is lovely and always so much going on.”

“Looking through P’s busy book and seeing all the activities is amazing, they have done so much and P’s enjoyed it all. Lovely nursery throughout.”

“Smiling faces and welcoming voices, make parents and children feel welcome each morning.”

“Very happy environment.”

“I like that there is lots of activities to do outside.”

T loves telling us all about digging and planting new vegetables, also the Bug Hotel and the scooters and tricycles are great fun. She also loves when there is playdough and coloured water to play with.”

“The nursery covers all provisions. The learning opportunities are made interesting and fun. R especially enjoyed the visits from the Police, Firemen, etc.”

“Outside area is safe and secure and related to environment. Inside area encourages them to play together.”

“It is lovely to see that when we drop L off each day, there is always lots of activities for the children to get involved in. painting, sticking, sand, water. I love the area when you have a hospital or a shop. It’s lovely to see the children using their imaginations.”

I am always drawn to the play corner, which is regularly changed and encourages role play/ dressing up.”

“B really enjoyed the Lunch Club. It is definitely worth the money as it helped B.”

“P enjoys playing in the water and on the bikes. She also likes playing in the garden and the gym and has enjoyed baking cakes and biscuits.”

“Yes, I like that I can see clear pictures of M’s development with comments and pictures.”

“I have really liked being able to do this. I have really liked seeing pictures of A playing with his friends. They also are really informative.”

“Although A can still be very shy, he has grown in confidence. He mixes much better now. A used to cry going to his old nursery, he now loves it! The change of nursery was definitely a good one.”

“Every inch of them! They are all his precious first years of education in a book of wonderful pictures and memories.”

“Lovely to see how S has developed and progressed and grown! We have contributed and shared news from home – so beneficial to have a two-way medium.”

“Mrs Mossop explains in detail about how and what J has done.”

“I have especially enjoyed looking at the special nooks with being a full time working mam, these have allowed me to see what I felt I missed out on when unable to drop off/ pick up.”

“S’s speech and sharing with other children.”

“We wish M could have stayed a little bit longer, as she has grown in confidence and independence.”

“C is a lot more outgoing as he was quite shy before he started nursery. Nursery have helped C prepare for school as he seemed a little worried, but nursery have helped.”

“N is comfortable with nursery being part of his routine, which was previously around family members only.”

Especially with the letters and sounds work.”

 “They have grown up and learned new skills which will help them adapt and can be used in Primary School. M has become much more confident and chatty.”

“Being an overly worried mum, staff always listened and help calm me.”

“They have offered extra help, but also assured us M was progressing well.”

“Always promptly, with care and kindness, understanding of whatever the issue/ situation.”

“I have never had any concerns with M, in fact with any of my children who have attended.”

“Any issues (not that we’ve had many) have been dealt with immediately, usually just a chat over the phone.”

“Whenever there’s been any issues, the school/ staff have always talked to me and I know if I had any issues, that they would help.”

“Our family have been coming here for 30 years. Thank you for all you have done to make S the girl she is today.”

“All 3 of our children have been to this nursery and thoroughly enjoyed it and were taught by Mrs Blair. My eldest 2 have progressed to be excellent academically and I feel this is due to them starting off in Cleator Moor Nursery. Thank you for everything that you have done for my children. This is an excellent nursery with excellent teachers.”

“For me personally, can’t improve on perfection!”

“Excellent childcare provision where children can learn whilst just having fun!!”

“Cleator Moor Nursery is a great place to give your child a good start into education. I would recommend to anyone and would 100% use you again in the future.”

“We are sad N is about the leave nursery and the lovely environment that has nurtured him ready for school and his next adventure!”

Parking – not sure how this could be resolved, but I feel it is very unsafe parking on a very busy road when coming into school, especially with younger siblings.”