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"The book corner is lovely, gets the children to want to bring books home for parents to read to them.”

Parent Feedback


Parents and carers have the most important role in supporting their child’s development and learning.


We want to work as closely as possible with you while your child is at Cleator Moor Nursery School.


The Early Years are the building blocks for the future.


Working in partnership with parents is a key element of our work here. It is a two way dialogue with parents and keyworkers, sharing information and supporting your child together.


We welcome parents into nursery every day, we encourage you to spend time in the classrooms seeing your child at play, as well as viewing your child’s Busy Book and Learning Journey to see the activities they have been enjoying. Parents are encouraged to add information too.


When your child starts at nursery we will ask you to share information about your child’s interests and experiences. This helps us to build a picture of your child’s development and enables us to plan opportunities for their learning.

Ways You Can Help And Support Your Child At Home

Plenty of talk, have conversations with your child

Listen to your child and encourage them to listen to you

Share activities and talk about them together

Encourage your child’s interest or favourite activities

Take an interest in the work your child brings home

Borrow books from the school’s library

Share stories often and sing songs together


Home Visits

We visit all children in their home before they start nursery. Children will meet their keyworker during this visit; they will often say, “You came to my house, didn’t you”.


Communication With Parents

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"I always like the little personal stories of what R has been up to when I pick her up.”

Parent Feedback

Regular newsletters will be sent home – click here for a link to our Newsletters page.

Parents’ noticeboards in the cloakrooms will keep you up to date and inform you of special events, general reminders and information you need to know.

Photographs are shared on the display screen next to the school office.

We use a text messaging services to send reminders, updates or emergency closure notification.

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 “…nice to hear things about school/ children, nice to be involved as much as possible i.e. trips and school projects.”

Parent Feedback



Displays In School

The lovely displays around nursery are another way to keep informed about the activities and learning taking place in school. Your child will enjoy talking to you about the work, photographs and what they have learned.


Daily Contact With Keyworker

Parents will have daily contact with their child’s keyworker at the beginning and end of each session. This enables sharing of information from home to school and vice versa.




Helping In Nursery

We welcome parents to spend time in school to see their children busy at play. If you would like to spend some time with us, ask a member of staff for more information.


 “Parental interviews, reports are very helpful; with working full-time I sometimes do not see teachers for a while as I do not do school run.”

Parent Feedback

“I feel I get information almost every week, all the teachers are involved with her and let me know bits and bobs, which keeps me up to date with her progress until parent interviews.”

Parent Feedback


We welcome parents to join us for our annual summer trip. We often ask for parents to help us on our local trips to the library, local shops and other schools; this ensures the safety of our children.


Parental Interviews

Parents are invited to meet their child’s keyworker and nursery teacher regularly, to discuss strengths, progress and areas for further development.


Links With Other Agencies

We work closely with local health visitors, Howgill Children’s Centre, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and other health professionals. We can signpost families to help available locally.

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 “You are a great advocate of collaboration working with other early years providers in the locality to support and challenge each other.”

Ofsted 2016


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Visits to our school are always welcome. Please contact the school office to make an appointment.

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